Becoming a Better Me: Supplements

This isn't even all of them. At least three other supplements were used up and tossed before I thought to take a picture!
This isn’t even all of them. At least three other supplements were used up and tossed before I thought to take a picture!

While this journey to becoming a better me is a lot about diet, I have been getting some additional help in the form of supplements from my chiropractor. Lots and lots of supplements. I’m regularly taking multiple pills and making different drinks with powdered concoctions. Some pills I take once a day, others a take with each meal, some I take every other day. Sometimes it’s one pill, sometimes it’s two pills twice a day. Luckily, I have the dosages written out on the caps of each bottle to keep track of what I need to take and when!

So, what do these little pills and drops and powders do? I have no idea. I mean, my chiro has been awesome with explaining everything, including why these will help me, but I can’t seem to keep them all straight. I know the ClearVite I take daily is to help detox my liver and gallbladder, the pill I take with meals helps with digestion, some of the pills I used in the beginning helped to get rid of the chronic infections, others are to help stabilize my hormones, some to repair my gut, others are for ….. I don’t know. But they were each explained to me, in detail, when they were first given to me.

Can diet alone make good, lasting changes in your body? Possibly. Will good quality supplements used at the advice of your health care practitioner help? I believe so, yes. My lab work shows that things in my body just aren’t working the way they are supposed to, and these supplements along with the diet changes are helping to correct that. The goal is to get my body working the way it’s meant to work and then stop the supplements, or only take certain ones as needed. Fortunately, I have access to great supplements, like the OmegaGize³™ pictured above. With my chiropractor’s permission I am able to use my Young Living supplements whenever possible. Bonus!

I’m nearly 7 weeks into the program at this point and still in the reintroduction phase. I’ll post soon about how I’m feeling and the changes I’m noticing, as well as what those around me (like Hubby) are noticing.

So far, so good!