Back to School


Wait, wait, wait…. isn’t it still July?!?

Yes, yes it is. You haven’t lost a month, so don’t panic.

TKEP Academy is trying out year round schooling for 2016, so that means our six week summer break has officially ended, and the second semester has begun. Before you start thinking how horrible it is that the kids are getting ripped off on their summer, let me lay it out for you. First of all, we don’t really do much over the summer. Our budget is limited as we’re trying to pay off our debt, so we aren’t travelling or exploring or doing anything that would cost extra money. In essence, summer is just like the rest of the year here. At least, for now. Plus, within the next week or two, most kids start hitting the “I’m bored” phase of summer. Many parents begin counting down the days until school starts back up. We’re just nipping that in the bud right now. But mostly, we do this because we need the structure. Ok, ok, I need the structure. The girls had plenty of lazy summer days, spent time outside, read lots of books….. Now it’s time to settle back into a routine and get the house in order, for all of our sanity. Besides, this schedule will seem fabulous when we can take six weeks off between Thanksgiving and New Years!

So, yes, the girls have been easing back into school this week. And you know what? It’s been hard. Really hard. I’m not going to lie – they are quite unmotivated at the moment. I’d even say they are downright lazy about it right now. Unfortunately, they are just doing bare minimums to get the work done, which isn’t what I want our homeschool life to be. I want them to really enjoy learning, not just do what’s needed to get by. The dragging of the feet for every little thing is going to get old really fast.

Of course, then I wonder…. What should I be doing differently? What do we need to change? How can I fix this?

Right now, the answer is “nothing”. We’re midway through our first boxed curriculum for Peanut. This curriculum seems to work well for her, for the most part. The only “problem” is she’s moving into more advanced concepts. It’s not easy anymore, and so she isn’t wanting to do it. (That trait may be from me….. bugger) As for Pumpkin, she would be starting kindergarten this fall. We are doing math worksheets and handwriting practice, plus lots of out loud reading and playtime. We’re going through Hooked on Phonics with her, and she’s nearly half-way through the first grade lessons. We will get her started in first grade level work at the beginning of our next school year in January. Until then, I want her playing more than “schooling”.

We just need to find our groove again. Long breaks almost always lead to rocky restarts, and we are working out our kinks and finding our balance. As long as I can keep my head, and my patience, in check, I have no doubts that this semester will be just fine. Eventually.