A Saturday Project

Ahhhh, the weekend. The time to relax and socialize. The time to rest and do the things you can’t do during the week. The time to just enjoy each other. The time to –

Who am I kidding!?! We don’t get weekends at our house! In fact, I dare say that many people don’t get true “weekends” anymore. How sad is that? But, that’s another post for another time.

This post is about actually accomplishing something on a To Do list that has been on said list for a long, long time. Let me tell you, that’s an awesome feeling.

As a mom, my to do list never gets done. And by “never gets done”, I mean that there is never a completed task. All of my tasks are continuous, ongoing, and indefinite. (I’m looking at you, dishes and laundry.) There is never an “ah, I’m done and look how fabulous it is” in my life. If I clean it, it gets dirty again. If I cook, it’s expected of me to cook again. And household projects? Ha! Unless it’s something that can be started and completed in a small window of time, I don’t even bother.

Hence “The List”.

Most of us have one. It’s that list of things you want to do around the house “someday”. My list is gigantic and includes such things as replacing the kitchen sink and faucet (on the list since I was pregnant with Pumpkin, so we’re pushing 5 years on that), painting the outdoor shutters and garage door to match our “new” (new 2 years ago) front door, and remodeling our small powder room (on the list since we moved here). And there’s also finishing the basement, fixing the deck, and it goes on and on and on….. Time and money have been obstacles on making any sort of headway on this list.

But today I decided I needed to do one thing, just one thing, that had a visible end result. Something that could be concretely accomplished so the mind-numbing cycle of daily life activities could be changed up a bit. Today, I decided we would re-cover our dining chairs.

When Hubby and I bought our table and chairs set, we were newly married, in a new house, and blissfully unaware of how a purchase would hold up in the future. We purchased a large, counter height table and 8 matching chairs, with cream-colored seat cushions.

Needless to say, after a move and two children, the chairs are, well…..

I’m embarrassed to even show them. ¬†You can see which ones were most… loved.

Don’t judge.

It’s been bothering me for years, to be honest. I actually apologize to anyone who chooses to sit in chairs normally occupied by children because I’m concerned that remnants of years of spills, glue, crumbs and glitter may adhere itself to their bottoms. (And yes, spills and such were always promptly wiped up, but “deep cleaning” those chairs wouldn’t even put in a dent in them. So, it was a battle I didn’t really fight.)

Today was the day to make it right! Today, my chairs would be presentable again! So, off to the fabric store we went, our family of four. After searching for the right choice (ahem – anyone else decision-incompatible?) and keeping my youngest offspring from knocking over everyone and everything in site (what did this child eat before we left, pure sugar?!?), we left the store with fabric in hand – at half price! Score!

May have called the kids Cinderella once. Or twice….

Once home, I put the kids to work cleaning the chair frames while I sipped a chilled beverage. (I’m an amazing supervisor.) Once the kids were done, I shooed them off to fold a little laundry and I re-scrubbed the chair frames. (Control freak, remember?) All the while, Hubby was tackling the actual re-covering of the chairs. Multiple four-letter words were uttered at the staple gun and its lack-of-functionality, and it *may* have been thrown once or twice.

At this point, my spidey-sense kicked in and I made myself scarce. I did the smart thing – I made a food run. Nothing says “I come in peace” like fried chicken, right?

In the end, the chairs look amazing. Hubby did a fine job – although I do feel guilty that my project became his project. I felt better when he told me the staple gun issues probably would’ve discouraged me from all future projects ever. We can’t have that, now, can we?

So, a To Do that has been glaring at me for years finally was accomplished with a real, visible result. My chairs are pretty again and even pride worthy. And this time, we chose a dark, durable, newly-Scotch-Guarded fabric. Lesson learned.


Ta Da! Reminds me on those inside out Oreos with the vanilla cookie and chocolate filling…. and now I need a snack.