No doubt
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Do you have doubters in your life? We all do. Heck, most of the time I’m my biggest doubter! But sometimes, you make a decision and you know deep down in your core that it’s the right move. You may not know why, or how, but you just know.

Hold on to that. The doubters may not see it, but don’t let them take that conviction away. Will you make mistakes? Of course. But some decisions can change your life. Some moves, however unconventional, will pave the way for the life that you’ve only imagined. It will be a decision that is hard, or unusual, or against the norm of society. But sometimes? It’s a decision that opens the doors of opportunity that few will ever experience. Those are decisions that 99% of the population won’t choose. They’ll select the safe route. The well traveled path. The 99% will just do what they’ve always done, and what everyone else has always done, because it’s easier.

Don’t be the 99%. Take risks. Make plans. Do what’s best for YOU. You never know what will happen if you don’t try!


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