An art studio for me!

I’m giddy as a school girl! Why? Because I have a space to call my own within my house! I have my own haven. A cheerful nook. An art studio of sorts. (Granted, it’s in the laundry room, but I’ll take it!)

I have some before and after shots for you. Pardon the quality and lack of editing – I took them from my phone and was just too excited to upload them to care. And, I still haven’t figure this whole making-a-blog-post-look-pretty thing, so they are not centered or grouped together or anything. They’re just there. And that’s ok.

So, our basement is unfinished, other than a couple of walls here and there. It’s been on the list of things to do in the house since we moved in 6 years ago. *Hopefully* it will get done within the next year, and slowly but surely little bits have been getting accomplished. It started with some storage shelves in the back room, and then Hubby got himself a workshop set up in the furnace area.

Well, Hubby wanted me to have a space – a spot to escape if needed – and so the laundry room idea was born. Our laundry room space it pretty large. I always envisioned a bathroom in there eventually. But it was drab and boring and, well a laundry room. But, what better place to call my own? No one would want to step foot into a room dedicated to a chore, right?

We began the idea sometime last year. Hubby painted it a bright, obnoxious green (my choice) because I wanted to cheer it up a bit. At the same time, he added some wire shelves under our staircase for storage of odds and ends. I don’t have any pictures of the original, unpainted space (that I can find), but I do have pictures from before the floors were done!

Here’s a view of the shelves under the stairs. Full of crap.

20150223_122814 20150223_122828

See? Green. But a happy, cheerful green!

In the nook area that you see above, there used to be an ugly yellowish/orange-ish countertop with nasty cabinets underneath. (We ripped those out right after we moved in.) So, this space just became another area to collect even more stuff. BUT, with a little work and a direction, it has potential. First, we needed to do something about that floor….

Hubby working on filling a leaky crack he found in the concrete floor, after removing the old vinyl flooring. Because nothing is ever easy in this house.

Hubby put in some some wood-look vinyl sheeting we found on clearance (because it’s a basement, and we’re cheap). It looks great with my green walls! Then he added a countertop that we found as an as-is piece at Home Depot, and he made some shelves for storage of my supplies. Today I decorated with items I bought exactly for this purpose a long time ago to make it cheery and less basement-y, and…… Voilà!

{{Happy Dance}}
{{Happy Dance}}
Here are the shelves Hubby made that serve a dual-purpose – storage space with plastic tubs to keep my supplies organized and support for the countertop.
Yep, that’s my washing machine on the right side….
I decided against a door. I may change my mind and get one that locks if the kids find me….
A better picture with the flooring and the walls and it all tying together. Love!
And then there are these shelves. Yep, still full of crap. Eventually, they will be emptied and all of our crafting supplies will be on them, because our future finished basement will have a crafting space for the kids! (Not in my space, of course.)

I’m so excited to have this space for myself! I’ve been wanting to get back into my artsy stuff for a long, LONG time. (Little known fact: I was an art major in college for a year. Seriously!) And now, I have the space to do so without it being in our living space and in the way. And without little people grabbing at my stuff.

It’s not completely finished yet. Hubby still wants to add trim, and I still have to clean off those shelves under the stairs, but it’s a huge improvement over what it was! And now, there is no reason for me NOT to make time for myself down there and dabble a bit!

Another project crossed off the list! #NoExcusesJuly

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