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Remember when I did my Towels and Toilets post, way back at the beginning of the year? That was to be motivated to deep clean portions of my house, and Tuesdays were my “towels and toilets” day. (You haven’t heard much more about that because, well, that wagon left me behind. Sigh.)

Anyway, I’m giving you this post today because it sort of fits in with my cleaning routines for Tuesdays (even though I haven’t actually followed said routine since, oh, I dunno….. winter?). Now, I’m not one to talk about cleaning supplies much, so this is obviously huge. (PS – I am not getting paid to do this post. I just was amazed with the product and wanted to share it with you!)

Ok, backstory….. I hate my toilets. We have well water here and the hard water stains/rings on the toilets have been there forever. I’ve scrubbed with I don’t know how many different chemicals and powders and cleaning solutions, all to no avail. The stains just would not come off. I was resigned to a life of constantly dirty-looking (although scrubbed clean) toilets.

Then, I read about this handy product in a cleaning blog. (Yes, I read a cleaning blog. I’m a nerd.) It’s called a Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover, and it’s a miracle worker. (They are on Amazon, not sure but I assume elsewhere as well.) I bought it, and Hubby laughed at me. “Hope you didn’t spend more than a quarter on it cuz it’s never gonna work” was his response when I whipped it out to try it. Little did he know, this stick is magic! In fact, I called him into the bathroom to inspect the first toilet after I used it, and he was literally speechless. So, before I ran and scrubbed the second toilet in our house, I had an “a-ha” moment and thought to take before and after photos, to share with you! Because everyone loves to see toilets, after all! (Ok, I know, it’s kinda gross, but I was so thrilled with it I had to share!)

Here is our other toilet, after being scrubbed with heavy-duty chemical toilet bowl cleaner and a regular toilet bowl scrub brush….. So yes, it’s clean, even though it doesn’t look like it.

Rings around my toilet bowl, even after significant scrubbing. Sad.
Rings around my toilet bowl, even after significant scrubbing. Sad.
Close-up of my stains. I’m embarrassed to show them, but it must be done!

So, gross, right? I mean, I literally scrubbed extra hard knowing I was going to take a picture to show you guys, and these stubborn stains just won’t budge. But, then along came Pumie, my bathrooms’ new best friend…..

Meet Pumie! It's a pumice on a stick specifically for tough stains. Says it doesn't damage the toilet, so we shall see.....
Meet Pumie! It’s a pumice on a stick specifically for tough stains. Says it doesn’t damage the toilet, so we shall see…..

After some scrubbing with Pumie the pumice stick, I was shocked. Amazed, even. It was a miracle…..

Ta-Da! No more ring around the toilet! First time in forever!!!
Ta-Da! No more ring around the toilet! First time in forever!!!
All sparkly and clean!!
All sparkly and clean!!

For just over $8, it was worth it. Well worth it. It’s basically idiot-proof, so that’s a plus too. You literally just dip it in the toilet bowl to wet it, and rub the stains with the pumice. The pumice wears away as you use it, so it conforms to the shape of the toilet. It’s a game changer in my house. I hated scrubbing the toilets because they never looked clean. Now, it’s like they are brand new. (And I didn’t spend hours scrubbing!)

So, that’s my PSA for the day. You’re welcome!

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