Attitude of gratitude

My back deck is amazeballs for stretching after a run. It's quiet and peaceful and just perfect. Til the kids wake up.
My back deck is amazeballs for stretching after a run. It’s quiet and peaceful and just perfect. Til the kids find me.

Day three of my #NoExcusesJuly and so far, so good. It helps that the weather has been gorgeous for running and yard work. And it also helps that Hubby won’t let me wuss out with his #NoMercy approach. And while I feel awesome, I know there’s a lot of month left. Good thing for accountability, huh?

So, this morning I got up and out of bed for my run. (By the way, typically today would be the day I’d quit because after running Wednesday and yard work yesterday, I knew I’d barely be able to move today and I’d be exhausted. But, I kicked that excuse the curb before I went to sleep and told myself I had to do it!) So anyway, I’m jogging along, listening to the birds, and feeling really good – which is a little weird for me, but whatever. So, I start talking to myself (in my head of course – can’t have people calling to have me institutionalized) because I can’t figure out how to get my music on my phone to work (stupid technology). And I’m all, hmmm, what should I be thinking about on this beautiful morning? Dreams? To do lists? Coffee?….. Gratitude? Wait, what?!? God, did you hijack my conversation with myself?!? Cuz let me tell you, at 6:30am while running, gratitude and thankfulness are NOT what is going through my head. Typically my head-talk is more it’s too early, I want bed, my legs hurt, I can’t breathe, I hate running, whine whine whine groan and so on. Obviously, this gratitude thing was not my idea. But, ok, I’ll run with it. (Ba-dum-bum)

So, I started to think about what I was grateful for at that moment. And you know what? My answers surprised me. I realized I was thankful for being healthy enough to run – I had legs that moved me and lungs that work and the drive to actually do it. I realized how thankful I was to have a loving husband that supports me and sticks with the decision to allow me to continue to be a SAHM so I can go out for a morning run, even though it means he has to work his butt off to do so. I realized how thankful I was to live in a neighborhood that is safe for me to go out early in the morning – alone – and run without fear. I realized how thankful I was for the time alone just for me.

Talk about deep thoughts! And I hadn’t even had coffee yet! (Usually my pre-coffee thoughts consist of merely random babbling and incoherent mumbles.)

So, this #NoExcusesJuly may be more than I realized. I may actually grow during this process and find out a lot more about myself than just my level of willpower.

Who knew?

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