I Belong?… I Belong!

So, there’s this group. It’s a group I don’t talk about here, because I didn’t want to be one of *those* people. It’s a business group. It’s a life group. It’s a group that I’ve been a part of for a relatively short period of time. It’s a group that others feel super strongly about, and I’ve been just…. there. I believe in this group and I think this group is awesome, but I don’t think I really got the group. I didn’t really feel like a part of the group, more like an observer of the group. I knew the secret password to get in to the clubhouse, but not the secret handshake to really belong. And it was not for any reason other than my own stubbornness and putting-offness. (Yep, making up words again.) I didn’t know if I really wanted to be part of the group. The group was big, and I was small. The group was amazing, and I was, well, just kind of hanging out there. I was riding along with the group, but not a true part of the group. I was afraid to really dive in because, well, what if….. What if I don’t belong. What if I don’t succeed?  What if I can’t find my place?

But today, I GOT it. Today, I AM a Lemon Dropper.

It took a video from the heart. A video of people who speak my language, who share my struggles. People, women just like me, who have messes day in and day out. They struggle. They live. And they thrive in this group.

I want to be them.

I AM them.

I just didn’t realize it until today.

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