Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

I hate you.

I realize “hate” is a strong word, and one not to be used lightly. I realize not all Mondays are bad, but most of them tend to be. Only you can wipe the memory of an amazing weekend away with your meltdowns and arguments. The family bonding of yesterday is replaced with impatience and pettiness this morning. The fighting. The rushing. The annoyances. Did I mention the meltdowns? In fact, you have been dubbed “Meltdown Monday” more often than not because of the troubles you cause.

It’s horrible.

I rise with excited anticipation of a new week, only to have it replaced with dread in the first hours. But soon, very soon, your influence will be lessened. Soon it will be spring break, and then comes summer – glorious summer! – where Mondays rarely matter. There are only about a dozen of you left to deal with, and then we will be free.

So suck it, Monday. I’ll be done with you soon enough.

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