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Today I quit Facebook.

Ok, not really. But I did uninstall the app from my phone. This is huge, people. HUGE. I did it to prove a point to myself. You see, I’m on my phone a lot – and not talking to people. I’m constantly on Facebook, for absolutely no reason other than it’s a time waster for me. Waiting for water to boil? Check Facebook. Eating my lunch? Check Facebook. Waiting for my coffee to perk? Check Facebook. Ignoring the children? Check Facebook.

Oh, wait…. ignoring the children…. yeah, that’s not such a good thing. Then, when the children call you on it (“Mom, you’re always on your phone!”) it’s a reality check. I used work as my excuse for constantly being connected in the past, but now that I’m working very, very little I really have no reason for it.

I decided I’d physically remove it from my handheld device to eliminate the temptation and distraction. A few weeks ago, I removed the little app icon from my homescreen so I’d have to go into my app menu to click it. I thought that would deter me. I was wrong. It was time for more drastic measures.

Today, I actually uninstalled it. (Sidenote, I planned on doing it yesterday. Obviously failed.) In order for me to check Facebook on my phone, I’ll now have to use my browser on my phone, and we all know what a pain in the butt that is. So, in theory, I won’t check it nearly as often. Which shouldn’t be a big deal because I can quit whenever I want. (So say addicts everywhere.)

Hello, my name is Jessica, and I have a problem.

I uninstalled it this morning, and by lunch I swear I was breaking into a cold sweat any time I had some intermittent downtime. And let’s be honest, I have a lot of downtime these days. I kept grabbing my phone out of habit because I have to see what everyone in the entire world is doing right now at this very second and then again in another 2.5 minutes and then again another 3 minutes after that or else I might miss something important!!!

The thing is? The stuff is rarely (never) that important. The updates are not things I actually *need* to read. It’s just a habit – and a bad, bad one at that. It takes me away from my here and now – and many times, sadly, that’s ok with me. I use it as an escape and a crutch for when I’m not sure what else to do with myself. That’s the part that needs to change. I need to figure out what else to do in my downtime to enrich me and my family, instead of using my downtime to ignore my family and learn random, useless tidbits about mainly acquaintances’ latest personality quiz scores or so-and-so’s opinion about the latest fill-in-the-blank event/fad/weather/etc. I think Facebook is great to connect people, but it’s gone a bit too far for me since it has disconnected me from those closest to me.

So, I uninstalled the app. That was Step One. I’m going to try to commit again to my Facebook Free Fridays and not cheat, Step Two. Step Three, I have to figure out now how to control myself on my computer. Because, you see, since it wasn’t on my phone today, I had it up on my computer. So every time I walked by, I took a peek…


Next up to get the ax, Pinterest…..

Baby steps.

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