Big day

Today is a big day. Today I let go. It’s time….


Yep, today I am passing on MY Legos to my kids. Notice the organized tackle box? Yes, I was OCD even as a child. Probably more so, in fact. And the Golden Girls lunch box? Yep. Cool factor.

This may not seem all that earth shattering to you, but this is a big step for me. I love my children, but they have their stuff and I have mine. Granted, it’s been well over 20 years since I’ve touched the Legos, but they were still mine and, well, the kids would mess them up. There. I said it. I was concerned my kids would mess up my perfectly organized Legos that I haven’t touched in over two decades. How wrong is that?!

Part of my mission to simplify my life means letting go of stupid things. It means letting go of harder things as well, but we’ll start with the stupid things because, well, they’re stupid and should be easier to let go. Baby steps, remember?

So today, it’s the Legos that have been doing nothing but sitting all organized and pretty and collecting dust in my basement. Tomorrow? Who knows? But this one small step for me means giant leaps in my journey to letting go.

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