Time for post-pity-party cleanup

Ok, now that I’ve sufficiently whined, let’s get back on track, shall we? After my pity party on Saturday, I ended up with a massive headache on Sunday. Related? Maybe not. (I mean, it could have been the mostly full box of cookies I ate during my pity party on Saturday that caused the headache. Sugar hangover headache? Is that a thing? Cuz if not then I’m going to make it a thing….)

We’ve established that my house has become disasterish – disastery? – a mess. The dust bunnies have invaded again and made camp. The bathrooms are sufficiently spotted and toothpasted. (I’m all about making up words today, so just bear with me.) The beds haven’t been made in a while, and the laundry piled back up. Don’t even get me started on my kitchen table….. So, now what?

My table is there somewhere under the homework, drawings, calendars, school papers, breakfast dishes and human body skeleton. Worst part? The table has looked much, much worse...
My table is there somewhere under the homework, drawings, calendars, school papers, breakfast dishes and human body skeleton. This is just kids’ stuff – well, mostly. Usually Hubby and I have our own piles added to this mess.

Baby steps.

Small changes back into my good habits. Unfortunately, the small changes will require a bit more elbow grease this week, but when all is said and done I can do this. I can get my house back into it’s mini-routines. And then I can start to think about how to make these routines stick. So today, grocery shopping and errands. Tomorrow, deep clean the bathrooms, and so on. I have the chart, I may as well use it!

Next up, I need to focus a bit on me and my health because, let’s face it, a cookie-coffee-wine diet is *probably* not the best choice. The most appealing? Yes. But for health and well-being? Not so much. Especially if this sugar hangover thing is really a thing. So, I’ll see what kind of baby steps I can implement on that this month. I already drink a lot of water each day. I even started a habit on Jan 1st (that I still do and haven’t skipped a day. That deserves applause right there!) to drink 16 oz. of lemon water each morning BEFORE I’m allowed a cup of coffee. Let me tell you, I’ve never downed that much water that fast ever before since I started that rule.

Once the weather breaks (because it will eventually get warm again, right?) I need to start a running walking habit. I’d like to say I’ll be running, but at this rate walking would be a huge improvement. Ultimately I’d like to start running again, but that’s no where near a baby step for me at this point. So, instead of setting myself up for a ridiculous failure, I’ll start small. Tiny even. Walking 3-4 times a week should be good. I’m not sure when this one will start. It kind of depends on Mother Nature. Right now, we’re not on speaking terms.

I can add more and more to this list of things I’d love to “fix” this month, but I know better. My kids, for example? They need to be “fixed”. But I can’t fix them til I fix me. And I can’t fix me til I actually decide to do so and then take the baby steps needed to make progress. So, slow and steady. One step forward three steps back. We’ll make these baby dance steps work. I can’t promise there won’t be another pity party in the future – in fact I can almost guarantee there will be. I can’t promise that I won’t fall off the habit-wagon again. But I can promise I’ll keep trying. You are helping to make me accountable to myself, believe it or not.

So thank you, cheers to you, and have an amazing week!

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