This year’s goal is NOT perfection

Pumpkin hung up two ornaments while we were fluffing the tree. One she just made today at church, the other was from St. Nicholas. I’m trying really hard to leave them be.

‘Tis the season. The season of peace, love, joy, and crazy people. Namely, me.

I have a problem. Well, many problems, but one in particular comes to mind today – my perfectionism when it comes to my Christmas Tree. You see, I spend a lot of time every year to get it just right. The branches must be fluffed properly and the correct distance apart, with the multitude of lights evenly dispersed throughout. My ornaments are completely unpacked and grouped on the floor before anything goes on the tree because each has its own place to go on said tree. I have been known to rearrange ornaments after they are already placed on the tree to “fix it”. In fact, the first year Hubby helped me with the tree ornaments, I rearranged almost all of the ones he carefully placed on the tree. (Yes, I’m also the person that rearranges my dishwasher when someone else fills it because I KNOW I can fit more in there…..)

So, needless to say, Hubby has not helped with the tree decorating since then. He helps with the putting-it-up and the fluffing, then he has learned just to get out of the way. My kids? I don’t think they’ve ever helped decorate the tree because, well, they’ll do it not-my-way. Which would obviously mess up my perfect tree and therefore my perfect Christmas.

*Sigh* I told you I had problems.

So this year, it’s going to be different. Hard for me, but different. (Remember, change is not my friend.) Usually my house is trimmed and halls are decked over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a stressful, crazy weekend, and everyone ends up cranky and frazzled, but it gets done, darn-it!

Not this year. This year we’re taking it slow, and only putting up the things that we want. The things that are meaningful. The first thing is the tree. Ah yes, the tree. This year I will put off my OCD tendencies and have my kids help me decorate the tree. I will NOT rearrange what they have so carefully done, just because it’s not my way. I will let them put up the breakable ones as well as the ones they made. (Just so you know, I’m actually cringing when typing this.) I will have them decorate with me, because really? What good is Christmas without memories? Today is Tree Day, and we’re going to love it. And I *may* have to deal with my anxiety issues before during and after, but they will never know.

This year, Christmas will be calm. Christmas will be memory-filled. And Christmas won’t be perfect.

And that’s ok.

UPDATE: Allowing the kids to decorate the tree did not go as well as I had pictured in my head. By the end I was ready to pull my hair out but didn’t move anything. Not even the ones that Pumpkin grouped all together on one branch. It was awful for control-freak me. Fortunately, Hubby allowed me a handful of ornaments of his choosing to rearrange on the tree the next day because he knows me and loves me and fears for my sanity on a daily basis. I felt much better about the whole thing after that.

2 thoughts on “This year’s goal is NOT perfection

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Lol!! It was hard to let go of that control, and it will be even harder to not move things every time I walk by. 😉


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