The problem with new beginnings…

This blog has been on my mind for a long time. The funny thing is I already had all kinds of witty and useful posts written out in my head. They’ve usually popped in my mind while laying in bed or while in the shower. And then…. They get forgotten. Pushed to the side. Saved for later.

The problem with “later”? It almost never happens in my world.

Kind of like this blog. I haven’t published a single thing because I am dealing with the hardest part.


I have a fear of starting, well, anything. I’m a horrible decision-maker because I’m afraid of the decision being wrong, as so eloquently stated by Hubby. I don’t start new projects because I’m waiting for the perfect time and circumstance. And, yes, the rational part of my mind knows there is not really a “wrong” decision for most of the choices in my somewhat simple life. That small, rational part also knows there is no “perfect” time and there never will be. The rest of my crazy, mixed-up-mind, though? Utterly terrified.

So, this is the first post. The not-perfect, not-well-timed, not-really-what-I-want-to-say post on a not-ready-to-be-published blog. But it’s a start. And for me, that’s huge.

So join me on my leap into the great (and undecided) unknown! Who knows? I may even be able to make some decisions along the way.

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